I mention elsewhere that my father told me the Little Wabash River, which ran by our apple orchard, flowed into one river after another into the Gulf of Mexico and across oceans to touch countries all over the world. Since then, I’ve been crazy about books of people in other lands and times. Pretty heady for a southern Illinois farm girl.

By the growing popularity of historical fiction, I’m guessing a lot of you love it, as well. Have you read much in this genre? I challenge you to guess the country that is the major setting of each of the following books.



FIRST PRIZE: A $25 gift card to The Poisoned Pen Independent Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.


  1. Each week a new question will be posted on Saturday. By the following Friday, you’ll send your answer to along with your name. You don’t have to play every week to win the gift card, but it’ll be fun. Don’t miss out.
  2. From the correct answers, I’ll pull one name from a hat and announce it and the correct answer on this site the following Saturday along with the new question.
  3. After 10 weeks and 10 winners, I’ll pull a name from the hat for first prize, the gift card. There will be bookmark type prizes for the 9 weekly winners.


WEEK 1: The Source by James Michener

This book’s setting has many names historically. You qualify with any of them.